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New Covid Policy - December 2021

FC Council recently approved a revision to our policy for indoor in-person gatherings during this covid pandemic. Several months ago we began using the county map at ISDH - Novel Coronavirus: Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard and Map to help us see the level of spread throughout Marion County in order to take appropriate steps toward maintaining the safety of our congregants. We will continue to use this map, but we will now follow these guidelines:

1.     We will remain open to all indoor in-person gatherings at the church building, unless the county color is red. At that point we will remain only virtual until the county color returns to orange and below.

2.     Colors below red will determine the need for social distancing and masking, along with the availability of refreshments (i.e. social distancing and masks when yellow or orange; refreshments when blue).

3.     We expect that all who choose to gather at the church are fully vaccinated and have received a booster if eligible.

Our rationale for these changes includes:

  •  The availability of other venues in the community, especially to those who are fully vaccinated.
  • Allowance of the freedom to make individual choices regarding comfort with in-person gatherings.
  • Hybrid worship for gathering virtually is available to anyone uncomfortable with in-person gatherings going forward.

For anyone following the county map and its weekly changes, be advised that the state map showing the county colors defaults to the “Weekly 2-Metric Score” in the Map Filter dropdown box. According to that filter last week’s color in Marion County was yellow, even though the advisory level (available in the box derived from clicking on the county) remained orange. Clicking on the Map Filter dropdown box allows access to the “Advisory Level” filter, which will then change the map to show the accurate advisory level colors for all counties.

We hope this revision of our policy will help us avoid having to “flip-flop” between in-person and virtual worship on a weekly basis. However, if the county at some point turns red, we may find ourselves in a similar position. Let’s all pray that doesn’t happen any time soon, for the health of not only our own faith community but for that of all our community neighbors as well.

–Alice Rutherford, Lead Councilor Oct-Jan

To know what's happening at FC Indy, subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

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