January 7 | Candidate Preacher

Our candidate for our next settled minister will preach, followed by a congregational meeting for discussion and vote on this person’s call to serve with us. Communion will be celebrated.

January 14 | Beyond Whiteness

On this Sunday of the weekend in which we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday we will look multi-culturalism and why it is so hard for us to accomplish what we mostly all want.

January 21 | Beyond Conflict

On the one hand, we can see all too clearly the horrible results of
violence inflicted upon others. On the other hand, to engage in struggle, be it verbal or advocacy, can be experienced as violent. Is there another way?

January 28 | Beyond Secularism

At one level, ‘secularism’ is the agreement to keep religion out of
the public sphere of social life. Governments don’t enforce a particular religion, religions don’t enforce their teachings on governments, and religion is ‘happily private’. The problem with this division is that it domesticates religion and prevents it from
addressing the ‘principalities and powers’ of the age. When we are silent, we let others define who we are and what we believe. How can we have a loving public presence?