Being the Beloved Community - Our Lenten Journey

Our journey together this Lenten season will be different than in the recent past.  For one thing, it is a time of heightened excitement and anticipation as we prepare to receive our new settled pastor, Rev. Sarah Lund.   On the other hand, it is a time of sadness as we prepare to say goodbye to Rev. Michael.  But isn't that how Lent has always been - a time of reflection on what to let go of in order to make room for what will be?  Lent can be a solitary journey of self reflection, but it can also be a journey embarked upon together by the community of faith. 


Our theme for 2018 is "Being the Beloved Community" and our programming will explore this theme in various ways.   In past years, we have scheduled our Lenten gatherings to be on Wednesday evenings, preceded by a soup supper.  This year our gatherings will be at different times in order that more people will be able to participate in at least some of the gatherings.   Please put the following dates and times on your calendar and plan to join in.