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People participate in worship by being there, designing and implementing the worship space, leading worship, singing in choir and ringing bells, and otherwise assisting in preparing and implementing the worship experience for others.  Contact the minister for information on how to participate.


Our ‘Green Team’ participated in the public campaign to shut down the coal fired electrical generator in Indianapolis, educates the congregation on how to live green and is leading the way to transition First Congregational’s adoption of solar energy.  We have an annual ‘Environmental Sabbath’ after Easter to learn about God’s call to us for the care of God’s creation.


We partner with several Indianapolis organizations that work to support education, employment, and housing opportunities for our city's homeless and refugees. Past partnerships have included Habitat for Humanity, Horizon House, and Exodus Refugee Immigration.


Poverty is not simply a local issue. We work to address the deep global needs of the world through a combination of funding and personal involvement.


We provide direct assistance to people who are suffering from poverty by donating food to Northside food Pantry and Gleaners Foodbank, supporting the Peace Learning Center, writing letters for the Bread for the World campaign, and supporting UCC's Neighbors in Need offering.


We have been fully accepting of people who were gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender since 1994.  Our church regularly performs weddings for people who are gay or lesbian. Many of our church leaders are lesbian or gay.  We witness to the love of God for all people. 


SermonsAlong side the traditional pastoral calling of our minister are two special ministries.  Our Care Team provides additional visits and care to people who are shut in.  Our Services Team provides special support (meals, rides to medical appointments, etc.) to those who need them.  Sermons are available in printed form to those who wish them, and are available online in audio form here.


Our Young Adults Group meets monthly to grow together in faith and fellowship. 


Our prayer team remembers people in need of prayer during the course of the week.

Guided Wellness Meditations

Check out our videos of checking in with body, mind, and spirit here

To know what's happening at FC Indy, subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

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