We provide direct assistance to people who are suffering from poverty by:

·       Contributing over 1,000 pounds of food to the Northside Food Pantry. In addition to canned and boxed foods, during the summer our contributions include fresh produce from our small demonstration garden!

·       Providing tutors and other volunteers to School 42 in Indianapolis.  We provide large amounts of clothing for the children who otherwise would go without each year, sponsor a book party at Christmastime and provide food from Gleaners (‘back sacks’) so that children will have food over the weekend during the school year.  You can’t learn on an empty stomach.

·       We support Indianapolis’ Peace Learning Center to learn and teach methods of non-violence for youth and people in many neighborhoods (not just people who are poor!).

-        We support the UCC’s Neighbors in Need offering, which goes to help congregations start ministries to address poverty and social justice.

·       We participate in Bread for the World’s annual letter writing campaign in support of governmental policies that alleviate hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.